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Channel Letters
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Buford Channel Letters


Channel letters are perhaps the most flexible signage types out there in terms of design.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignWith the right Buford, GA sign company by your side, you can have customized letters to perfectly match your brand, no matter what type of industry you’re from. This is the reason that most storefront signs you see in business areas are channel letters.

If you’re looking for high-quality channel letters that can represent your business and brand perfectly, Alpharetta Custom Signs is here for you. Whether you want plain letters or highly customized, lighted dimensional signs, we have every equipment and signage expert to accomplish your goals.

Just tell us your preferences, budget, schedule, and other important information, and we’ll deliver the best Buford channel letters for your business.

Call Alpharetta Custom Signs today at (770) 872-6500 for your Free Consultation with an Buford Channel Letter expert!

Storefront Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are one of the most commonly requested sign types from our store.

Custom Channel Letter SignThey are essentially a set of individual, three-dimensional cutouts lined up to create texts such as company names and taglines. They can also be handcrafted to make logos with texts and/or images. The individual letters, numbers, or symbols are either flush-mounted directly to the building or attached to a backing frame.

They are also covered in a durable acrylic top that can be customized in various transparency levels and colors. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can create any customization you want on your Buford channel letters. Any variation in color, size, thickness, and designs can be applied to perfectly capture your brand.

Channel Letter Signs are popularly used by businesses like grocery stores, malls, retail stores, shopping centers, corporate offices, and schools.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are the same three-dimensional cutouts. But instead of being hollow units, dimensional letter signs are solid blocks of acrylic or metal.

Storefront SignChannel letters can be installed with internal illumination, while dimensional letters are good with backlighting. You can also have dimensional letters of any color, size, thickness, and font style for a fully customized look that only your business will have.

Rest assured that we will get you the best signage solutions so you’ll have top-quality, durable signs that represent your brand perfectly.

Dimensional signs work great for retail stores, restaurants, and malls. They are also very popular as indoor signs and lobby signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

If you want your Buford channel letters and dimensional letters to have more visibility and visual impact, you can install them with quality backlighting or illumination.

Lighted SignThis is a must for businesses that run until the night. With state-of-the-art LED lighting, your signs can still be highly visible at night or during a rainy day.

Get everything you need from our company. From the electronic lighting products to the installation services needed to secure them safely on your storefront, we can provide everything you require.

Lighted signs work best for businesses like restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, theatres, clubs, bars, cafes, or any store that wants stronger visibility.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Buford Channel Letters apharetta 1 300x110Alpharetta Custom Signs is a leading signage company dedicated to helping businesses from any industry obtain the best quality of Buford channel letters, dimensional letters, lighted signs, and any other signage products that they want for their business.

We are here for the long term. So if you need a company that you can trust to have top-quality signage products and services, Alpharetta Custom Signs is here for you.

Call Alpharetta Custom Signs today at (770) 872-6500 for your Free Consultation with an Buford Channel Letter expert!